Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to find a journalism job in Philly?

Q: I am graduating Penn State with a degree in print journalism in May. I have extensive experience working at The Daily Collegian, along with multiple other internships. I want a reporting job in Philadelphia, but I need direction in terms of finding offers. What do you suggest?
Thanks, I appreciate it.
-- N.L.

A: Your best bet is to try small weekly newspapers in the area and, the new hyperlocal websites being launched nationwide by AOL (they're starting to sprout up in the Philly suburbs, as well). Those are the kinds of places that are hiring right now. The Bucks County Courier Times may also offer an extended internship for recent college graduates, but you'd have to investigate that (I know they used to offer it, at least). Unfortunately, I think the Philadelphia Inquirer eliminated their 2-year internship program a few years ago. 

Also: look into paid summer internship opportunities. If you do a good job at the internship, they may hire you on full time. At the very least, it will provide a paycheck for 10 weeks, help you strengthen your resume and portfolio and buy you some more time in your job search.

While, as a Bucks County native, I can appreciate your desire to want to be in Philly, be sure not to limit your job search to that region. Getting that first job in journalism can be tough. So, the wider a net you cast in your job search geographically, the better chance you'll have at finding a good job.  â€“Mark Grabowski